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The application allows users to integrate multiple Square POS terminals and download orders from them directly into Linnworks. ​Location mapping allows users to POS terminals to different Linnworks Locations for appropriate stock level deductions.

It is important to have the same SKU numbers in both systems as inventory linking will happen automatically on order download. ​

A quick guide on how to install the application:

Step 1

Installation - just search for the Square POS Integration on the Linnworks Application store


Step 2

On the initial login please go to the API Credentials Section and add provided on installation Linnworks and Square API tokens.


To start the automatic transfer of items from Linnworks to SquareUp, you need to press the Start Synchronization button. 


After that, you will see in the status a record of the completed synchronization with the indication of the date and time.


Please take into account that the synchronization is done once and in the future, in the event of changes to the assortment in Linnworks, it will be necessary to manually add information to Square.

Step 3

Please do not forget to setup location mapping. You can setup order synchronisation to multiple Linnworks locations if required.

Location mapping: Sync Square locations with Linnworks locations

Step 4

In the settings screen, tick order download tickbox and your Square orders will be downloaded and automatically processed into mapped locations.

On the settings screen, your Square orders will be downloaded and automatically processed into mapped Linnworks locations
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